Thursday, January 27, 2011

What!... No bread?

That's actually a pretty common occurrence around here.  I usually only buy bread once a week or two. 
It's all Dad's fault. 
When we were kids, he drove into town first thing every morning and got us some fresh bread for the day.  Now, anything that is older than freshly baked this morning, is stale bread to me. 
I'm not that dedicated. 
So to me, our bread is always stale and as a result I just don't bother to buy it all that often.  I enjoy baking it, but home baked bread never lasts the day.  It's too good, so we eat it. 
As for the store stuff, well, when we run out I just feed the kids something else.  We've been happily surviving like this for years now.
The Big Dude complains every weekend.
Without fail!

The Chook was so in favour of today's substitute that she thinks the Big Dude would love it too.
"Can you make this again tonight Mum?  because Dad didn't get to try any and he would think this is yummy too."

Well yeah!
OK, probably not tonight, but certainly again.

All I did was health up a stock standard basic pancake/pikelet mixture.
Take some wholemeal, self-raising flour
Add some flax seeds
& some LSA (ground linseed, almond and sunflower seeds)
A sprinkling of Quinoa
A dash of chicken stock powder
An egg
& some milk.
Mix it all together.
Cook big dollops of the mix in a lightly oiled fry pan.

Spread on some ricotta cheese
Add some slices of tomato
& cucumber

And wallah!
An easy peasy bread substitute that the kids all thought was YUMMY!
"Can we have some more please?"

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Loving the learning!

The kids are at a fantastic age at the moment. 
They love learning!
They think it's fun to help with the chores.

Hanging out the washing.
Chopping up the vegetables.
Pulling out the weeds.
Washing the dishes.

I'm making the most of their enthusiasm.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Santa came good...

and gave me a wooden spoon rest.  Just like I needed.
Three cheers to mothers who read their daughters blogs!

It looks good as an egg holder too.  For tiny first eggs.
Three cheers to adolescent hens who start to lay.


We were struck down by the flu over Christmas and the weather has been pretty wacky, but we're looking good for a great new year full of new adventures and challenges. 
 The Chook starts school... so exciting!
The Noodle starts pre-school and
fingers crossed,
touch wood,
the home renovations will be all completed by next Christmas.

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