Monday, March 7, 2011

Yay for the rain!

Our water tank ran dry. 
It was a catastrophe. 
 Although not all that unexpected given that we've fixed it up so that it has a proper garden tap attached to the back of the shed for the vege garden.  Another proper tap is attached to the front of the shed for the fruit trees, ornamental and native habitat plants.  With those handy taps, the water was being used and the source is only one half of the shed roof.  Connecting it to the other half is currently still a 'one day' project.
So, you can imagine how happy we were to see some recent rain.
Doubly happy actually, because it came just after our new, bigger, better water tank arrived!

The big Dude and I rolled and heaved and pushed and shoved that tank into place. 
Through the gate.  Down the driveway.  Over the grass.  Between the fruit trees.  
There was a moment of angst when we got it a little wedged between the cubby house and the wood pile.  But after a bit of lifting and a bit of tilting, a curse or two and an almighty hove, that tank finally slid into place.  Nestled down the back in the corner between the fence and the cubby house, beneath the neighbouring Gum tree.
The Dude connected it up. 
A trail of pipe runs across the top of the tank.  Down to the fence.  Along the fence line.  Behind the Firewood shed.  Down to the ground.  Underneath our deck (OK so that calls for a little imagination as our deck too belongs to the 'one day' project list). 
Then up to the gutter to collect the water off the whole of our western roof. 
That's more than half the house.

So yay for the rain!
It should be a while before our water tanks run dry again.
Oh...  and it sure helped with getting our seeds to grow.

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