Friday, January 7, 2011

Santa came good...

and gave me a wooden spoon rest.  Just like I needed.
Three cheers to mothers who read their daughters blogs!

It looks good as an egg holder too.  For tiny first eggs.
Three cheers to adolescent hens who start to lay.


We were struck down by the flu over Christmas and the weather has been pretty wacky, but we're looking good for a great new year full of new adventures and challenges. 
 The Chook starts school... so exciting!
The Noodle starts pre-school and
fingers crossed,
touch wood,
the home renovations will be all completed by next Christmas.


Lenice said...

Yay for the new eggs!

wenlenl said...

You have very clever little chickens. First off you tell them to get back into theire pen and they do, mow they are giving you eggs too.

dixiebelle said...

Oh lovely spoon! Hope you are feeling better now... love your blog, you sound like a similiar family to us!

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