Friday, February 12, 2010

A Faerie in the Garden

Unfortunately, there's not a great deal more on offer in our garden at the moment. I must say though, that this little fairy is rather cute.
The recent hot and humid weather we've experienced has caused all the tomatoes to split and the bushes to die off. The beans are looking scraggly and the silver beet has shrivelled and died. We're still waiting for the next harvest of lettuce and corn and the whole patch just looks a fright.
On the upside, the chillies are going great guns. I must google more chilli recipes as although RJ frequently professes his love for Chilli Jam, there's only so much of the stuff that a girl can be inspired to make!
Of course, a good days work over the weekend should have the garden looking reasonable again. I just find it rather un-enthralling when it is in such a state of disarray.

In the home, my project list is piling high. I have artworks to create, cushion covers to sew, a quilt that still needs to be completed, clothing to be refashioned and there's plenty of architraves and skirting to be painted.
I'm feeling rather unmotivated. I'm not sure if it's the weather that is redolent of the Far North Coast or the time of year when life is just starting to form a routine again. Perhaps I'm just feeling lazy.

I have, however, started going to the gym. I've conceded defeat and come to the understanding that I am not currently in the position to lose my excess (can it still be called baby weight when my baby is almost 2?) body fat by my traditional method of walking. When I was at my ideal weight, back in my child free days, I walked everywhere. Reliant on public transport and perpetually running slightly behind schedule, I briskly stepped my way from location to location. Even after getting my first car (Nan's little blue laser called 'Charlie') at the ripe old age of 26, I still opted to go public often and rarely drove into town. Back then it took me a good 40 minutes but it was a walk worth taking. Beautiful beaches and plenty of hills to create nice firm buttocks.

Then I had the kids.

Walking wasn't so bad with just a baby in a pram although the access into town was restricted to the sandy beach there for a while when the roads were being altered. So I stopped walking into town. Then there were two and walking with an 18 month old and a newborn turned from brisk to an amble. I pretty much stopped trying when the third arrived. Trying to exercise with a 3 year old, an 18 month old and a newborn was beyond me. So now we stroll when we're out and about and that does very little for the buttocks. Unfortunately, the nature of RJ's business means that he's up early and home late more often than not so that leaves me little time to get out and about on my own.
I was happy to blame breastfeeding and pregnancy for my excess weight for a while. Then I took liberty in the '3 in 3 years' excuse. Then I just got sick of not feeling like me anymore.
So I've joined the gym and the time for excuses has come to an end.
I had aimed to reclaim my figure by early next year, then my sister got engaged and will be married in September. I'm to be bridesmaid along with our elder sister, so now my weight loss deadline has jumped forward considerably. The hunt for dresses has already begun, so now I need to be fit and trim by probably sometime in May.
Lucky I joined the gym.
Even luckier, the kids have fun in the creche.

So while the garden suffers and the projects pile up, I'm getting active. I'm Spinning and Stepping and Pumping and Stretching and occasionally even Boot camping.
Of course I'm also making Chilli Jam.

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