Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More muffin tins

You know how life seems to move in a circular pattern?  You do something a lot for a while and then it fades into a memory before being rediscovered and revamped for another round of use. 
That's what happened to our muffin tin meals.  One week we were having them every second day then suddenly we were having them no more.  But I've rediscovered those tins and the muffin meals are back!

Perfect for a warm spring day.

Perfect for a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Perfect for an outside lunch on the run...
use any form of table you can.


The Hairy Cow said...

I hope there's something delicious in tomorrow's muffin tins... I may have to drop around and join in!

Morning said...

we've started doing these again, too! whenever eric's cousins come they request a muffin tin lunch, then we remember suddenly and have them every day for a week! Take a look at this for inspiration

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