Thursday, July 1, 2010

Let it shine

and just in time for the electricity price rise.

We opted for a local installer and Australian made panels.
We are very grateful to the Sustainable Illawarra project for contributing $3000 towards this to honour a prize we were fortunate enough to win.
Thank you!
Unfortunately the funding on that project has dried up and it has come to a close.  On the up side, Kiama council has decided to take the information gathered by the project and turn it into Kiamasphere - a community information and sharing hub on all things sustainable.

Today, I'm just happy that the sun is shining.


Gavin said...

Nice one Telela! Home Solar PV is now becoming the norm, thanks to people who have the foresight and willingness to see it through.

Congratulations on an investment that you will never regret.


The Hairy Cow said...

"You are my sunshine... "
Yeah for your shiny roof!! Just got my latest bill- a couple more of those "increased pricing" bills will be the same as the cost of PV Solar panels!

Ally said...

Fantastic to see you panels are up and going well! You must be excited about seeing the impact they have your next electricity bill!



Telela said...

It's great to know that we're finally making use of our roof space. It always makes me smile when I see panels on roofs.

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