Friday, June 4, 2010

Milking time.

I enjoyed reading this post from my sister so much that I stole it to put on here.
It's about our trip to the dairy farm.

On a recent trip to a dairy farm, we were much too busy watching the cows so didn't take photos. Instead, I drew some quick pictures of what we did.
We stood next to an enormous cow, whose feet were as big as Noody's head!
We stood in puddles of cow wee as we listened to the dairy farmer talk about the milking process.
Choosey put her thumb down the milking machine - but we couldn't get any milk from her!
We were almost squirted with milk from the cow's teat and watched as the milk flooded through the tubes and pipes.

Then we saw some calves that were born that day. While we were eating our lunch, the little calves were being born.
They were a bit wobbly on their legs!
We raced along-side Farmer Michael as he drove to the calves.  Buckets were filled with milk and the young calves were fed.  Some of the bigger calves were very hungry and fought over the buckets.  I got slimed by some of the calves as they wrapped their rough tongues around my finger. (It was a little bit sore the next morning - from their enthusiastic sucking!)
Choosey helped carry the milk to the calves.  She even started to clean up the buckets afterwards - until she got some slobber on her finger and left the buckets in disgust.
The dairy was fun. We enjoyed some banana-flavoured milk before we left the farm - smelling of cows, wee, poo and saliva.

I'm so glad that we are able to give the kids the opportunity to enjoy these kinds of activities.  I know that some of my fondest childhood memories are from visiting farms and doing outdoorsy things.  What lucky kids they are!

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