Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chilli Relish - The One Cup Recipe.

RJ has been on at me for some time now, to make him some more Chilli Jam. The chilli's too have been little red beacons of fiery reminders, hanging from the bush... begging to be put to good use rather than to dry out and fall to the ground, wasted and forgotten. Poor little chilli's! Mustn't allow that.
So today was chilli cooking day.
I've been wanting to try out a family recipe from RJ's Grandmother for a few months now. Chilli Relish, that has to be about as simple as recipes come.


1 cup each of:

Minced Apple

Minced Onion

Minced Chilli



and a pinch of salt.

Put it all together in a pan, bring to the boil and simmer for 1 hour.

Add a handful of your favourite herbs at the end if you like.

I added basil to one jar and sage to another.


I also cooked up a dose of the chilli jam (which, by the way, tastes great on a dollop of natural yoghurt) for RJ, but because I'm such a lackadaisical measurer and ended up with an extra cup or so of minced apple, I added the extra apple to the chilli mixture and then only put in 4 cups of sugar. I'm interested in seeing if RJ likes it better this way. I think I do.

These recipes are pretty much foolproof. I'm a bit of a slap dash cook in that I rarely measure anything properly and hardly ever bother to follow a recipe more than the occasional first time attempt at cooking something. Even allowing for this, these preserves turn out fine, so they get a thumbs up from me.

I give my jars a good wash and rinse, then half fill them with water and sterilise them in the microwave by bringing them to the boil for about a minute. The lids I wash and then pour boiling water over, just before screwing on.

Now the Chilli's have been dealt with, we seem to have accumulated a surplus of apples, so I'll have to find some ways to use them up.


Anonymous said...

so I know what you mean about never really following a recipe! I made this and added a quarter-ish of a cup of fish sauce, some coriander seeds and left over fresh coriander - tooooo good! I am addicted to it

Telela said...

That does sound good, I'll give it a go next time.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Glad I found you..
My husband grows chillis and "baby's" them - menaing he digs the palnts up in autumn, brings them inside, nurtures them, then replants them in spring. He has done this with the same plants for 5 years now.
This is the first year I have actually tried to do something with them, and your trio of recipes will really help...
I have a question: In previous years we have just dried the chillies and have either stored them whole or crushed them. Do you think you can soak and re-hydrate chillis and then make jams etc..??

Telela said...

Couldn't hurt to give rehydrating a go. Otherwise you can just freeze them and they're good to go straight away.

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